Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ernie's First Birthday!

We had a small birthday celebration for Ernie Boy a few weeks back.  It was a splash themed party.  So much fun!  These cute invites were designed by Auntie Britta with Snail Mail Designs.  Doesn't she do great work?  I highly recommend them for any occasion you may have :).   

I still am coming to grips with the reality that Earnest is one. It seems like just yesterday we were driving him carefully home from the hospital and welcoming him into our life.  What joy this child has brought his parents!

 This was Ernie helping with the decor before the festivities began :).  

 Auntie Britta also made this amazing watermelon shark.  It was awesome.
 Mom made these delicious blueberry cheesecake cupcakes and Auntie Teenie made all of the sails.  I love how they turned out!
 I hung month by month photos of Ernie to show how our boy has grown oh so much.
 Here's the Birthday Boy looking so sweet.

 His favorite place is on papa's shoulders.

 Meet Little Miss Lainey.  We may have to arrange a marriage in 25 years :).

 He didn't quite know what to think about opening gifts.  He was very interested in some of the packaging.

 This was another gift from Auntie Britta at Snail Mail Designs.  It is a beautiful print of Psalm 63, the Psalm that inspired Earnest's name.  We pray these words would be truth for him!
 Auntie Beth handmade this seasonal book!  There are so many fun activities for tiny hands...buttoning on flowers, putting velcro apples in a basket, dressing a felt boy for the winter weather, just to name a few.  What crafty people we have in our family!

 Time for cake.
 He dipped one little finger into his cupcake and licked it.  He then clapped to show his approval.  That trend continued on for awhile.  Our boy doesn't really like to get messy!

 So, daddy had to show him how it was done!

A special thank you to our family for making this day so special.  Thank you for all of the hands that prepared the delicious food, decorated with beautiful details, and made Earnest's first birthday a big splash!

*Thank you Auntie Teenie for taking the majority of these photos!


  1. What a sweet birthday party!! All the little details are so special!

  2. I love reading posts about Ernie :) Especially since he and Brynn are only 2 weeks apart! FYI: I gave you a little blogging award over at my blog just because I love to read yours and think more people should too :)

  3. So many great pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Ernie has gotten so big!

  4. Thanks Bre! I'll have to go check it out :).

  5. Thank you Sus. You guys will have to see him soon!