Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's been a while

Hi there!  Has it really been over a month since I wrote?  Wow, where has time gone?  Anyways, a lot has been going this past month.  The two biggest milestones: 
1.We moved. 
Where did we move to?  Well, we are currently searching for a place in the cities.  It helps that my husband is a real estate agent :).  Also, while we are awaiting the right home for our family we are staying with family in Zimmerman.  It has been such a blessing!  I'm thankful for their hospitality, love, and care. Ernie has been loving it too.  He's getting awfully fond of the pups and seeing grandpa, grandma and uncle Jordan every day!  The sad news about moving is Miss Gemma moved out too.  It isn't goodbye yet though.  She won't be leaving for a couple of months.  She moved in with her aunt and mom to spend time with family before she returns to Thailand.  
Here's a belated photo of a beach day with the lovely lady:
 2.Earnest turned 11 months old (he's almost ONE YEAR OLD!).
 He is looking and acting a whole lot like a toddler.  Do you see all of those teeth?  He's been a hoot.  He has been keeping me busy with crawling, pulling up on things (almost walking!), making animal noises, trying lots of new foods (he pretty much eats what we eat now), blowing kisses, swimming in the pool, and being as silly as ever.  I'll share more pictures soon, I promise :).

I hope you all have been enjoying summer and all of the fun this season brings.  
Much Love,