Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brueggers 6:02am

Sitting in this booth
watching slowly as sun lights up
skyline shadows shift
clouds move along brightening blue

out of whole wheat bagels
just coffee this morning
Psalm 100
overflows with thanks

a nurse scurries in scrubs
to get a quick cup
Somali men fill the Starbucks
next door voices talking
over one another

a new day
new mercies
every Friday this is what Josh does
I should join him

phone call from Justine
just got back from India
paper cup is empty
heart is full

it is good to make a joyful noise
for this sunrise

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cut Up Those Curtains! (Apron)

Browsing through local thrift stores has been a hobby of mine this summer. I find myself perusing the "home" section more and more. I love looking through the curtain sets; sometimes you can find really great fabric for a great value! I happened upon this fabric and couldn't resist. I decided to cut up these curtains to make an apron for my friend's wedding gift. You can make one too! Here's how to create your own adorable curtain apron:

1. Find cute curtains and cut them up: I suggest looking at thrift stores or garage sales. Sometimes the curtains will come in a set with coordinating fabric; if not, purchase one yard of coordinating fabric for the ties. I cut the main panel for this apron to be 29'' x 24''. Make sure to hem three edges (the bottom 29" and the both shorter sides). Some parts may be hemmed already!

2. Make the waistband: Cut the coordinating fabric to make a waistband. The waistband will have to be at least one inch longer than the length of the main panel. The waistband shown here measured 30'' x 6''. Cut the waistband to the desired length. Iron it in half with the long sides together and right sides together. Stitch 1/4'' seam along the long side opposite the fold. Pull the fabric right side out and press flat with an iron.
3. Finish the waistband: You should have two unfinished short edges remaining on the waistband. Tuck the raw edges inside the waistband (1/4'') and press flat.

4. Attach the waistband: Pin the waistband in place with the long finished edges along both sides of the apron. Secure the waistband by topstitching.
5. Make the ties: Cut two ties for this apron using the coordinating fabric. My ties measured 20.5'' x 6''. The width has to be the width of the waistband. After you cut the two pieces iron them in half with long sides together and right sides together. Stitch around two sides leaving one short side open to pull the fabric through. Pull the fabric right side out and press. There should be one raw edge remaining on each tie. Make a small pleat on each short raw edge of the tie.

6. Attach the ties: Insert the pleated raw edge of the tie into the short edge of the waistband. Topstitch to secure in place. Repeat with the other ties.

7. Put a pocket on it: Cut a pocket (or two) of any shape to add detail to your apron. This pocket measures 6" x 6". Fold under any raw edges. Press with an iron. Pin the pocket into place and topstich three sides.

8. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your new curtain apron! Or wrap it up in pretty paper to give as a wedding gift :).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If Shoes Had Ears...

They would wear earrings! I found these vintage silver shoes to wear to my sister in-law Britta's wedding this Friday. While these 80's pumps meet my expectations of having not "too high" of a heel and not "too pointy" of a toe, I thought the shoes needed a little something extra for the wedding.
I was at a thrift store browsing the earrings when it occurred to me- why can't shoes wear earrings? I found this pair of floral clips for only $3.00! I thought they would make a nice addition to the silver shoes. Clip-on earrings are an affordable way to add a fun detail to any shoe.
You will never look at your grandmother's clip-ons the same way again! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The First Year

was filled with wide eyes and wet cheeks,
pointed pencils and shiny shoes.
We sang name songs and learned
how to line up,
how to raise our hand,
how to sit criss-cross applesauce.
We learned about our sin and our Savior.

We observed as God changed the leaves to
red, orange, yellow, and brown.
We worked on the ABC’s by
singing songs and playing games.
We counted gems, marbles, unifix cubes,
and anything else we could get our little hands on.
We dug in the dirt to find beetles and other decomposers;
we walked through fall in the forest.

finding patterns in colors, calendar, and creation.
We learned how to make predictions and draw connections.
We made turkeys from tiny handprints and wrote thankful
words on feathers.

We frosted Christmas cookies with our high school buddies.
Our handwriting became more careful.
We learned two finger spaces between words and
how to write sentences.
Luke 2 was in our hearts and on our tongues.

We kept on counting
by 5’s, 10’s, and 2’s.
We learned about coins and their value
through poems and play.

Olympic games built camaraderie.
We Graphed and sorted Valentine m&ms.
100th day was celebrated with hats, books, and eating 100 snacks.
1 Corinthians 13 teaches us of love.

we were focused on weather.
We learned about the water cycle
and could tell you about any cloud.

new life was growing and we watched.
We planted bean seeds and other things.
At the farm we baked bread, pulled up parsnips,
and felt fur and feathers.

On a 90 degree day
we walked around the zoo.
Otters played in the water,
bears lounged in the sun,
and we were as happy as could be.
Psalm 23 taught us of sheep and of
our great shepherd.

We cleaned out our cubbies
and took projects home.
We’ve grown in height,
in knowledge,
and in friendship.
We’ve grown in love.
We will always remember our first year.

Written: Spring 2010